Creatures Bodyboard Lite Bag


The Creatures Body Board Lite Bag gives you super lightweight easy transport & protection for your board. Backpack straps mean you can go anywhere. Marine zip keeps your access super smooth


Creatures Bodyboard Lite Bag

The Creatures Bodyboard Lite Bag gives you a great way to get around with your bodyboard while giving it great protection. The bag is light, so its super easy to carry adding no extra weight. It’s also light on your wallet giving you great value. Though not designed for heavy duty travel there’s backpack straps included.

So you can load up your board, your gear and head off whenever needed. The bag is designed for protection around your home or when travelling locally. So it’s low profile makes it super easy to stash your board under your couch or behind a door protecting it from dust and dents.

The Creatures Bodyboard Lite Bag is also great for your car. Your car interior won’t suffer any melted wax or scuff. The bag features large pockets that will take fins, wetsuit and all your accessories. If you go surfing with mates your board will stay free of their wax and bumps as well.

The zip is high quality nylon marine grade so will remain free running from season to season. Along with the back straps there’s a  handy side carry handle so you can just grab your bag and go. Dimensions are: length – 1016mm (40″), width – 632mm (25″). Check our full range of Bodyboard Bags at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Bags

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm


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