Clear Ding Tape


Clear Ding Tape gives you 4m of super easy strong board repair in seconds. No chemicals, waterproof. It’s clear so works great on your coloured boards too. Easy to carry in your board bag or backpack

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Clear Ding Tape

Clear Ding Tape gives you an instant fix for a lot of board problems . If you get a ding, it’s super easy to roll off a section of tape and quickly seal up the damage. There is no messing around. You don’t need chemicals, mixing, or any UV rays. The tape adhesive is super strong so it chemically bonds to your board when the surface is clean, dry.

Once on it will stay put. With attention to detail, the tape is clear, it doesn’t cover your board design or graphics so is almost completely unnoticeable. The tape is durable. It’s UV, chemical and water resistant so is safe. The Clear Tape comes in a 4 meter roll x 48mm width.

Clear Ding Tape is a great way to repair your board in seconds. If you’re traveling or in an environment where you can’t apply a resin repair kit with all the chemicals this tape is ideal to take with you. The roll contains a lot of tape so one roll can take care of your boards and your mate’s boards as well.

It’s easy and handy to keep a roll in your backpack or boardbag. Check our full range of Surfboard Repair Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Repair

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