Billabong FLorence Thong


The Billabong Florence Thong gives you fun and safe beach footwear with great pastel colour artwork. 3 material base gives soft comfort with good grip and durability. Great beach footwear

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Billabong Florence Thong

The Billabong Florence Thong gives you great fun beach footwear. They’re your classic way to cope with beach sun and sand, the odd splash, while still getting  protection from sharp rocks, shells and other dangers. The base is a mix of 3 materials. So you get soft comfort for your foot, good vibration absorption through your heel, and durability and strength on the base.

The top of the base has a low textured pattern. So even when wet you won’t slip on the inside of your thongs. This texture also reduces the squeaking noise you can get. The base bottom has a larger textured pattern that gives good grip on slippery sand, wet rocks, and most all surfaces.

The straps are fine and sit up. This gives your foot freedom and a cool feeling when it’s hot. The inner of the strap is smooth so super comfy. The top has the Billabong offset text logo. The strap bases have a good fixture that prevent pull throughs, one of the biggest problems with thongs.

The artwork presents a mix of soft floral and sand colours. The base uses recycled materials so you’re helping the environment with these thongs. 


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