Adrenalin Ballistic Batwing 3-2mm Steamer


The Adrenalin Batwing 3-2mm Steamer is the best value glued seam suit, with easy entry back zip & bat wing panel. You get the warmth of sealed seams and the easy paddling of a back zip.

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Adrenalin Ballistic Batwing 3-2mm Steamer

The Adrenalin Ballistic Batwing 3-2mm Steamer is a fully sealed suit giving you great value. All the seams of the suit are GBS, Glued and Blindstitched. This means they’re stitched on the outside and glued. On the inside there’s no stitching so you get a smooth comfy feel, greatly reducing the chance of rash. Water entry is greatly limited. Once there’s a little water in your suit it stays there so warms quickly keeping you extra warm. The chest features a smoothie panel. This is great for reducing wind chill so you’ll stay extra warm even in the most blustery harsh conditions. The neoprene of the suit consists of Dura Flex material that’s warm and durable compared to other wetsuits. SuperStretch neoprene is used on the legs, arms and side panels giving great freedom of movement for super easy paddling and big moves.

Advanced Features

Internally there’s a plush super comfy Heat Shield lining that captures your body heat and enhances it. The Adrenalin Ballistic 3-2mm Steamer features a Batwing panel covering across the back zip. This panel stretches open the same width as the zip and prevents water entry. So overall you get another great feature limiting water entry making your suit super warm. The back zip is the proven YKK brand, heavy duty and non-corrosive so you’ll get easy entry and exit and trouble free use. The back zip gives you the easiest entry and exit to a wetsuit. Simply pull on the zip and you can step in or out. So for the fast early or late surf there’s no time lost getting into and out of this wetsuit. At your wrists and ankles X-Seals prevent water entry and heat loss, working especially well if you get dumped.

Knees feature extra durable long wearing panels. The Adrenalin Ballistic Batwing 3-2mm Steamer includes all these great features so you get warm surfing in a great value package! To find out more on how Adrenalin Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: Adrenalin Wetsuits


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