6’1 Bushman Second Hand Surfboard


6’1 Bushman Second Hand Surfboard. Great condition. TUF epoxy construction. FCS Original setup, fins included. Check our Surfboards Online NOW!

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6’1 Bushman Second Hand Surfboard

6’1 Bushman Second Hand Surfboard

Dimensions 6’1  x 19 1/18 x 2 1/4

Great condition. Minor blemishes.

Performance shortboard, TUF epoxy construction. Super durable

FCS Original 3 Fin setup.  Fins included.

Our extensive range of great new and second hand surfboards is available instore and online. If you want you can come in store so you can see and check your board yourself. Everything from hybrids, to longboards, performance shortboards and SUPs. So you’re sure to find the right board to give you the fun and performance you want. Boards include those from the world’s best shapers like John Pyzel who shapes for World Champion John John Florence and who’s been the winner of STAB Magazine board test. So, you can find a World Champ model. Channel Islands the long time brand ridden by Dane Reynolds and Kelly Slater, are here so you know you’ll get performance. Locally, GRC Greg Clough has shaped for many locals who have progressed to the World Tour.

Local & International Knowledge

So you can get the best of local knowledge there’s boards by shapers like Greg Webber, Simon Anderson, Sam Egan, Brett Warner, MG Mauricio Gil and Chilli. All shapers for many World Tour identities and Champs so you have access to the best boards available. These shapers have made boards for the huge variety of wave conditions and skill levels.

Along with performance boards there’s mini-mals, Beginner boards and Longboards. Mini-mals are a great first board. They’re not as long as a longboard so they’re easier to handle, to get out through the break and to transport. While a little harder to first stand up on, you can more easily turn them on the wave and be surfing! We’ve got longboards too. These range from the classic old school boards where you can just and and glide, through to high tech epoxy designs that are lighter. At Manly Surfboards you’re sure to find your perfect board and a great deal. Check our range of Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Surfboards


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