Jimmy Lewis Foil Board


Jimmy Lewis Foil Board. Purpose designed & built for foiling. Ideal way to start. Includes Tuttle Box. Lightweight. Check our range of Foil gear Online NOW!

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Jimmy Lewis Foil Board

The Jimmy Lewis Foil Board is a purpose built foil board. So if you want to go foiling this is the perfect way to start. While the shape may resemble a normal surfboard it’s markedly different. This model was developed by Jimmy. This in collaboration with his son Marlon an accomplished foiler. So there’s a lot of foil expertise in the design. The board is around 3 inches thick with minimum rocker, and that’s all the way through from nose to tail. So it’s great paddling making picking up the foil swells easy. The rails are square, full and boxy. So they won’t catch. The deck is flat with only slight rounding on the edge. So the board’s easy to stand on, an ideal foiling platform. The board includes a Tuttle Box setup to fit a Go Foil so is ready to go. It does not come with or have a setup for normal surfboard fins. The board is ultra light. Construction uses Jimmy Lewis’ multi composite sandwich that incorporates many different material layers to give the board  strength and minimal weight. The foil board has a durable construction with super high quality finish. Dimensions are as follows: 5’10” x 19″ x 3.1″ (45.7L)


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