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Surfing Part 2

Surfing Starting Surfing Part 2 Main Image


Surfing is the most fantastic sport and lifestyle and it’s great to become a surfer. However there’s often a big difference between what you imagine starting surfing to be like, to what it actually is like.

In this second part of our article we check what’s involved, the best gear and approach, for you to have fun going surfing.

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Surfing Making A Start


When you think of starting to surf, you may have an image in mind. There’s sun, fun and excitement.

Your board is a high tech rocketship or maybe a styling cruiser. You see yourself mastering a wave, leaving your mark across a rolling wall of blue.

In your mind’s eye, before you know it you’re a surfer, cruising all the way to the beach and ready to go again. Continue reading Surfing

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Mid Season Wetsuit

Mid Season Wetsuit Wade Carmichael Charging

Mid Season Wetsuit

A mid season wetsuit is all about giving you more time in the surf, and maximising your performance when you do surf. In mid-range temperature water you could use your bulky winter steamer or chill in boardshorts. Some surfers do.

A mid season wetsuit is the better option to keep you surfing optimally. You get warmth and flexibility, comfort and lighter weight performance. With a mid season wetsuit you’ll be surfing your best in the mid season chilly mornings and blustery late afternoons. Continue reading Mid Season Wetsuit

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A Winter Wetsuit

A Winter Wetsuit Wade Carmichael Main

A  Winter Wetsuit

A winter wetsuit is one of your most important winter accessories. It’s the key piece of equipment so you can brave the cold and keep surfing. There’s key criteria your wetsuit must have. What are they? Can you prioritise them? How do you know if you’re getting good value?

Let’s look at the characteristics to help you get into the best winter wetsuit. Continue reading A Winter Wetsuit