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SurfPaints open up a whole new realm for your surfing life.

SurfPaints Artists and Surfboards

Artists, their artwork and surfboards, all done using SurfPaints. From reflecting your inner-self or a cultural affinity, to making a statement, or simply to be eye catching. SurfPaints let you express yourself

They’re paints that you can use on your surf equipment to create artwork, any image you can imagine. It can be something that reflects your personality, or makes a statement, or just makes your surfboard look better. So with SurfPaints you get the means to personally express yourself in the sport you love, and on the surfboard and accessories you use.

Not Just Surfboards

SurfPaints Great for Surfboard Fins Artwork

SurfPaints are proven across 15 different materials, these include surfboard fins where they can be used to create stunning effects

SurfPaints aren’t limited to enhancing just your surfboards. They can be applied to surfboard fins and a wide range of other items. The high quality water-based acrylic paint has been proven on over 15 other surfaces. So you can go wild.

A quick note, SurfPaints are used on your finished surfboard, on the hard fibreglass and resin surface. SurfPaints are not used on the soft foam. Also it is recommended to cover your SurfPaints artwork with a clear finish once complete.

Paint vs Pen

SurfPaints Fin Nibs

Gone are the days of messy paint pots, overspray and big cleanups. When you need to paint simply pop the pen lid off. When you need to finish, pop the top back on. It’s that easy. The images above show some of the finer pen nibs that can be used for pin lines, outlines, filling in smaller areas, and adding highlights

The word ‘paint’ may conjure up images of messy paint pots, paint brushes, cleaning up, and sub-par results. In contrast, SurfPaints come in handy, easily usable pens. So you use them just like a pen. Shake a few times, flip off the lid, press down to prime, and paint comes out in a nice easily manageable way.

Need to finish up quick? Just put the lid back on. It’s that easy.

SurfPaints Flouro Set Wider Pen Nibs

The SurfPaints Fluro Set pens have a wider nib so you can cover larger areas

The pens come  in several nib sizes so some are suited to do outline work and cover small areas. Others have larger nibs and more easily cover slightly bigger areas. For large areas SurfPaints recommend using spray paint to lay down a base and then use their pens on top of that base.

Video, Story & eBook Help

SurfPaints Get Great Results

So you can get results that really pop, like those on the board above, SurfPaints have a wealth of information, videos, stories, and even an ebook to available for you

To give you the most assistance and help you get the best result SurfPaints includes an ebook you can download to guide you through everything you need to know. It covers cleaning your board, tracing your design, using the pens, and other Frequently Asked Questions.


The SurfPaints ebook title – PAINT YOUR SURFBOARD IN 6 EASY

There’s also several videos on their website that give specific instruction along with handy tips. The tips provide help from both an artistic style perspective and in the practical use of SurfPaints to get the best job.

Express Yourself

SurfPaints are a great way to express yourself in your surfing.

SurfPaints Kits and Starter Kits and DIY Surfboard Bundle Bonus Varnish

Some of the most popular SurfPaint sets are the Pastel, Primary and Fluro sets. There’s also complete kits with everything you need for surfboard cleaning and preparation. There’s even a kit that includes a blank wood surfboard ready for you to paint

You can choose from a range of different sets, starter kits and full kits, so can cover your every need to produce the surfboard artwork of your dreams.

Give it a go and SurfPaint!

SurfPaints Logo

Manly Surfboards Logo

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