surfboard bike rack

Surfboard Bike Rack

Waves Pumping?
Want to go surfing?
Too far to walk?
Traffic and parking hell at the beach?

SOLUTION: Get yourself a surfboard bike rack.

The three main types of surfboard bike rack are the standard side mounted that will normally handle up to 8ft surfboards, the side mounted longboard rack and the rear mounted rack.  Look below to order any of these bicycle surfboard racks.

Not only will these bike racks help you to get your surfboard safely to the waves in one piece, you get a good warmup on the way. Even I’ve damaged a few boards trying to ride a bike with a surfboard under my arm, and on one occasion turned my arms into corned beef on the roads when the wind caught my board. Stressful and Dangerous are understatements.

To see our full range of Bike Surfboard Racks available for purchase

We also supply different types of surfboard racks for moped and scooter, and also soft racks for your car or van. If there is a specific rack that you are looking for for your surfboard for either transporting or displaying please do not hesitate to contact us or browse our surfboards rack section.