Van Der WAAL Surf Grip Pack


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Van Der WAAL Surf Grip Pack

The Van Der WAAL Surf Grip Pack gives you great surfing while being eco friendly. This is grip designed to replace your wax. You can use it anywhere you’d use wax, under your front foot or as your rear grip. It consists of a clear plastic film that comes in hexagonal pieces. Great traction is on one side and adhesive on the other.

The hexagonal pieces come with a spacer so you can lay them out then adhere them so you get even coverage. You select the size of Grip Pack to match the size of your surfboard. From Shortboards all the way to Longboards. There’s also a top up pack as needed.

You get a range of benefits from the grip. For example it is always ready to go. You don’t have to spend time waxing up. There’s also situations where you might not have wax so your grip is always there on your board. Wax needs to be freshened up and this creates problems if you don’t have the right implement. The grip always gives you great traction.

On the eco side, your wax is a petroleum-based product that is harmful in its manufacture and leaks into the water. The grip has a one-off manufacturing overhead then is eco friendly. The grip offers strong traction so you’d want to mostly be wearing your wetsuit or t-shirt rather than bare skin. Check our full range of Surfboard Grip at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grips


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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