TLS Key Storage Box


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The TLS Key Storage Lock is a safe way to secure your car key while surfing, accessible via combination lock. Fits keys, cards and other smaller valuables.

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TLS Key Storage Box

The TLS Key Storage Box is like a traditional combination lock where you set a combination and then dial in those numbers to open the lock. Except instead of locking up something, the TLS Box is designed to lock itself up. The idea is that  it has a compartment into which you place your keys. Then the Box is locked to an object. In most cases surfers lock it to their car door handle or to a similar protruding part of their car. Some surfers connect to their tow bar ball, or to a piece of their suspension under their car. So your car key is kept safely locked up and when you finish your surf you easily retrieve it from the Key Storage Box.

Fast Lock Up and Open

The combination consists of easy to turn number dials so you can quickly open the Box, lock your car, place your key in your lock Box and lock that to your car. When you get out of the surf you enter the lock combination and retrieve your key. This is a much safer option than trying to hide your keys on your vehicle, like on your car tyre, or in the sand or in your towel. It’s easy to see your key if left on your car tyre. It’s easy to lose your key if placed in the sand. If left in your towel on the beach your key can be stolen.

The TLS Box is constructed of hardened steel so is strong. The Box is heavy duty and water resistant with a non corrosive durable steel shackle. Super robust the lock can receive bangs, survive being dropped on the ground and placed under your car on the suspension if needed. Keep your car key and gear safe. With the TLS Key Storage Box you can surf knowing your car and gear are well secured. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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