Ecto AllRounder Wood Hand Plane 11″


The Ecto Allrounder Wood Hand Plane 11″ opens up body surfing using natural plantation grown Paulwonia timber. The minimalist closest to nature way to enjoy the waves.

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Ecto AllRounder Wood Hand Plane 11″

The Ecto AllRounder Wood Hand Plane 11″ gives you a whole new realm for surfing. Body surfing with this plane will allow you to take late takeoffs, big drops and go to places on the wave you’ve never been before. The Ecto Handplanes are hand made from Paulownia wood sourced from sustainable Australian plantations. The Paulownia is a highly buoyant timber with light weight and strength so ideal for surf products. It’s use is also super good for the environment as it removes the need for plastic and the entire polluting plastic production process. The trees, when harvested to make the planes, naturally grow again helping the environment. So they’re non-polluting, self generating and renewable.

Performance Design

The Ecto AllRounder Wood Hand Plane is specially designed for great performance in most wave conditions. As an all-rounder as it has more area. The gives you the benefit that when you put your weight on it your mass is distributed over more of the wave power so you go faster. The outline is well rounded so there’s no hard edges to catch. The rails are also full and rounded so if you do overbalance you won’t catch. The plane keeps you up high on the wave face, making the section. A velcro band keeps the plane secured to your hand and ensures a good fit. A strap ensures that if the plane does come off it won’t be lost. The light weight of the wood is apparent as it’s super easy when you’re swimming out. It doesn’t take on water and remains buoyant.

The eco story of the Ecto Handplanes starts with the timber used and also covers the marine grade varnish that seals the wood that is also low in volatile chemicals. The plane is certified as Australian made from Australian grown  plantations. Dimensions: ~ 280mm x 190mm x 15mm | 11in x 7.5in x 0.5in • Weight: ~ 400g | 14oz. Check our full range of Surf Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Surf Accessories

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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