Sun Bum SPF 15 Browning Oil 250ml


The Sun Bum SPF 15 Browning Oil gives you a great way to build your tan while protecting your skin. The oil enhances your skin colour while the SPF factor enables your skin to be protected from overly harsh conditions

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Sun Bum SPF 15 Browning Oil 250ml

The Sun Bum SPF 15 Browning Oil 250ml gives you a great way to get a tan and keep your skin safe. The oil is super easy to apply in a spray on, the mist gives you great even coverage. You can also spray it in your hand and apply it to areas hard to reach.

While providing great tanning the oil also includes sun protection. So you skin doesn’t get too much exposure causing harm and damage. This is a great idea giving you a great balance between getting the look you want and keeping your skin safe.

The ingredients include: Marula Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Green Tea Butter and Aloe Vera. These are naturally enriching and leave you skin feeling silky smooth.

This is a great addition to your beach gear. It allows you to build up your tan and natural skin colour while getting great protection. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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