Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash


Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash. A preferred alternative for many hard core bodyboarders. Check out our range of Bodyboards and Accessories Online NOW!

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Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash

The Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash is an alternate leash preferred by many bodyboarders. The Bicep Leash, fitting around your bicep at the top of your arm provides several benefits. It keeps the leash out of your way, up towards your shoulder. So paddling is not hindered like with a wrist leash where the leash if flapping around with the each paddle movement. With the leash up on your bicep both hands are free and unobstructed to grip your board. In the case of a wipeout, it’s also not yanking on your wrist or in your way as you recover. Having the leash up out of the way gives you the confidence to go for big moves whenever you like.

The Stealth Bicep Leash W-Plug includes all Stealth’s great features. The leash cord is high quality and durable coiled neoprene. The cuff has premium rolled neoprene to give you comfort. There’s also a quick-release tab. The leash itself is polyurethane and coiled. The leash comes in an assortment of colours. To find out more on how Stealth can power your surfing check here: Stealth Bodyboards


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