SOLAREZ Epoxy Pro Travel Kit


The SOLAREZ Epoxy Pro Travel Kit gives you everything you need for fast high strength board repairs. Filler resin to high strength 2 part epoxy is all included.

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SOLAREZ Epoxy Pro Travel Kit

The SOLAREZ Epoxy Pro Travel Kit gives you everything you need to do minor or major board repairs. Note, this kit is for Epoxy surfboards. The kit is great for travel as it cures super fast, in minutes. You also get a crushproof box so it’s easy to throw in with your gear or board bag.

The kit is comprehensive and has everything needed for your repair. There’s stainless steel scissors and a razor box cutter so you can remove broken bits and compacted parts of your board. They’re also used for cutting and trimming the included fibreglass cloth if needed. There’s several type of resin, mixers, applicators, even a cleaner.

Comprehensive & Versatile

With the kit you get versatility. The different types of resin allow you to get the best result. For example use Microlite for larger and filler areas. Epoxy Ding Repair includes fibreglass reinforcement great for rails, fin box and high strength areas. A 2 part epoxy mix is included for extra strength repairs like a broken stringer.

An injector applicator tip helps you get into tricky hard-to-fill spots. A spreader helps with a smooth finish. Multi-grade sandpapers cover everything from ding preparation to your fine finish. There’s mixing cups and masking tape. This is a super comprehensive kit and great way to give your board a low emmission eco repair. Check our full range of Solarez Surfboard Repair at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Repairs

In the kit is-

  • Epoxy Ding Repair
  • 2-Part Epoxy resin for internal / structural repairs
  • Solarez Microlite-Epoxy for foam repairs
  • Fiberglass Cloth & Rope
  • Stainless Steel Scissors
  • Sandpaper (60, 150, 220 grit)
  • Zerovoc Clean Up Solvent
  • Applicators, masking tape, razor

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