SIN Top Shelf Sunglasses


The SIN Top Shelf Sunnies give you a strong yet fun cheeky look. They’re squarish yet all the edges are rounded and flowing. Some models come with polarised lens options

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SIN Top Shelf Sunglasses

The SIN Top Shelf Sunglasses give you a fun cheeky look in great colour combinations. They’re cheeky as they’re squarish so you get a strong low profile and angular frames. However they’re narrower at the frame bottom so not so blocky and all edges are smooth and flowing. So you get a fun feel.

The size of the frame is not overly large. They cover the ideal area across your eyes without any of that over-the-top sport exaggeration. The frame arms are slightly wider expanding a little then narrowing behind your ears. This carries the presence of the sunnies through your hair so you still get a good look from the side.

Some of the style options include a polarised lens. This is great for viewing the surf as it reduces glare so allowing you to see the wave face, lumps, bumps, and clean sections. A frame made of recycled material means you’re helping the environment.

This is a great stylish pair of sunnies coming in great frame and lens colour combinations. Check our full range of Sunnies at Manly Surfboards>Eyewear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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