SIN The Bar Sunglasses


SIN The Bar Sunglasses give you a bold look with strong sophistication, polarised lenses & light weight. Will fit in to your craziest highest profile party

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SIN The Bar Sunglasses

SIN The Bar Sunglasses give you a look to make a statement. They’re big, bold yet not untasteful. The lenses and front frame are square and angular. The top of the frame runs in a straight line and the bottom of the lenses are only slightly rounded. There’s a bar of a contrast highlight material that runs along the brow line.

So you get a bold, distinctive look. Right at home at your craziest party, they’ll get a few looks at the beach. Sitting square there’s almost no facial contour curve and the corners sit right off your face. So sunlight will enter. The side arms are fine with an angular reduction adding to the sleek look. The metal branding accent gives sophistication.

The smoke lense tint is dark enough to obscure eye detail. A key feature are the polarised lenses. These are a great and advanced feature for when you focus on viewing the surf. So when you’re viewing the surf the polarisation greatly reduces glare coming from the water. Without this glare you can see the wave face better, see detail such as bump, lump and backwash.

This clarity of vision will help you make better decisions regards where and when to surf. They’re lightweight so super comfy. Recycled material construction means you’re helping the environment. Check our full range of Sunglasses at Manly Surfboards>Eyewear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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