Shapers Stealth 3 Fin Set


Shapers Stealth 3 Fin Set. Great drive with pivot and flex. Stiff leading edge holds your line with release in the tip. Check our Surfboard Fins NOW!

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Shapers Stealth 3 Fin Set

The Shapers Stealth 3 Fin Set is a great all-round fin. The shape is optimised for drive while incorporating pivot, flex and release. It’s wide base gives you drive so that when you set your line off the bottom or top the fin will charge. You’ll get speed and be able to cover ground around sections. For our local waves pivot is important however the fin pivot is only moderate. So you’ll need to setup sections where you want to go vertical and look for those sections that are a little more sloped than super sucky. For flex the Stealth features a stiffer carbon leading edge so the front of the fin will help you hold your line. When a section gets too steep or powerful, rather than skipping out the body of the fin will flex in behind the edge so you’ll get positive control characteristics.

The tip is thinner so has more flex giving you release. So as you go into a turn, weighting up and holding your line, the upper part of your fin will gain energy then release it giving you a boost. As you go in and out of turns and changes of direction the flex gives you a continual boost. This dynamic power boost is assisted by IFT, Inner Foil Technology. This is a foil like a concave on the inside of the side fins. This gives your fins a dynamic that changes as the wave changes. It’s not that great if you like a stable feel under your feet. If you like the feeling of power boosts, as the wave gives you a section or you go into a change of direction you’ll boost forward with a constant dynamic feel.  Check our range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins


Small Size for Surfers 45 – 60kgs. Sweep 33 degrees. Side Fins- Height: 4.38″ 11mm Base: 4.33″ 110m Foil: IFT. Center Fin- Height: 4.38″ 11mm Base: 4.33″ 110m Foil: Symmetrical

Medium Size for Surfers 60 – 80kgs. Sweep 33 degrees. Side Fins- Height: 4.52″ 115mm Base: 4.44″ 113mm Foil: IFT. Center Fin- Height: 4.52″ 115mm Base: 4.44″ 113mm Foil: Symmetrical

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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