Sea Cured 6 x Fin Grub Screw


The Sea Cured 6 x Fin Grub Screws gives you security for your fins. You can screw in your FCS II fins, or replace damaged fin screw as needed. Smooth turning & fast fitting

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Sea Cured 6 x Fin Grub Screw

The Sea Cured 6 x Fin Grub Screw gives you the ability to secure your fins if needed. It’s great to have a set on hand. If you ever have trouble with your fin system screws, for example one starts to burr its head, you can easily swap out a screw with a new one and be instantly surfing. The screws are high quality designed to fit the thread of both the FCS Traditional and FCS II fin systems. These screws will also fit the Future Fin system. There is however a difference between the FCS and Futures screw setups. The FCS screws are shorter. So while you can use these screws in the Futures boxes you’ll need to screw them a long way in. This may not be ideal so check your fin box setup.

The Sea Cured 6 x Fin Grub Screws have a hex head. So installation is easy with a hex key that normally comes with your fins. The 6 screws will secure your fins for a complete Thruster setup of 3 fins. Or you can also use these screws to top up your Quad or 5 fin setup. They’ll screw in and out smoothly so you don’t need to apply too much pressure that can risk burring the small hex head. There’s also a lot of leashes that use these same screws for connection. So you get a lot of versatility. For travel these are a must have. Check our full range of Surf Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Gear

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