Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring 2-2mm


The Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve SpringSuit 2-2mm has good flex and fit, with durable seams and back zip. Check our Kids Wetsuits NOW!

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Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring 2-2mm

The Rip Curl Boys Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring 2-2mm is a great suit for your kids. This suit includes all the features of high end suits with attention to getting it right for your kids. Rip Curl’s quality 2mm neoprene is noticeably better so your kids get flexibility, comfort and durability. The neoprene gives flex while still having substance. This is important as you need the flex for a good fit, but if the suit is too flexi it will balloon filling with water all the time. You don’t want this to happen every time your kids duck dive under a wave, get dumped, or if they’re swimming. There’s freedom of movement and stretch in the shoulders thanks to Rip Curl’s cut and design. The shoulders have a raglan cut so that there’s one piece from the top of the shoulders giving maximum flexibility for paddling without the constraint of stitching. Your kids will paddle farther, faster and with less fatigue. The Dawn Patrol has an overlocked seam that is super durable. It won’t come apart under the hard wear and tear kids dish out. There’s a high neck so water won’t be flushing in and out. A velcro seal means it will fit just so as to limit rashing. The suit features a back zip. This is the easiest of all wetsuits types for entry and exit. There’ll be no hassle with your kids stepping in and zipping the suit up, able to get straight in the water.  The suit is very versatile and will be great for surfing, life saving activities, swimming and snorkelling. Rip Curl is a leader in surf gear and this is a great value suit to get your kids into the surf. Check our range of Kids Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Kids Wetsuits


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