Reeflex Cypress 4-3mm Steamer


The Reeflex Cypress 4-3mm uses Japanese eco neoprene, Liquid Seal & plush inner for max performance & warmth. Check out Wetsuits NOW!

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Reeflex Cypress 4-3mm Steamer

The Reeflex Cypress 4-3mm Steamer is the signature suit of Amaury ‘Moz’ Lavernhe, a multi world champ. It’s the top of the Reeflex range so you get a heap of advanced features. The suit features quality Japanese 4-3mm neoprene which is noticeably smooth and soft to the touch.  The extra thickness makes a big difference keeping you extra warm. Recently more surfers are going to this thicker neoprene. It is a little bulkier. However with its high quality it’s only marginally harder to paddle and the benefit is that your stay much warmer. If you’re someone who has to surf before work, or late, when it’s colder, the extra rubber will keep you warmer. This impacts your surfing performance too as if you’re warm you’ll be able to do bigger more powerful moves from the start to finish of your session.

Also there’s a huge psychological benefit when you wake up in the cold dark knowing that as soon as you put your suit on, even when you hit the water, you will be warm.

More Performance & Warmth

The external body has the advanced Liquid Seal. This is a flexible silicon that fills in all the external seams giving maximum prevention of water entry. The internal body has a range of features adding to your warmth. It has a smooth internal plush Lunar Layer that greatly increases heat retention. GBS glued blind stitching and tape help retain internal heat and prevent cold water penetration by sealing the seams. This is important as after a little water gets in the suit it is trapped. Your body heats it up and you stay extra warm. The sealing also prevents new water sloshing in and out even when you get dumped. So overall you get great warmth. A Glide Skin neck provides smooth comfort while giving you a snug fit preventing water flushing. A chest zip provides super easy entry and exit while also keeping water entry to a minimal.

The neoprene is limestone based, providing an eco benefit, so with this suit you’re helping the environment. The Reeflex Cypress 4-3mm Steamer comes with a key string and 12 month warranty. Check our range of Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits


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