Ocean & Earth Zero Bolt Through Fins


The Ocean & Earth Zero BoltOn Fins are soft, designed for your softboard. Great for Beginners. Easy to install through existing softboard fin holes and tighten up with a coin

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Ocean & Earth Zero Bolt Through Fins

The Ocean & Earth Zero Bolt Through Fins are a set of fin plugs for your softboard. So it’s great to have them on hand in case you lose or damage a fin. The set consists of one softboard fin, fin base and screws. Constructed of plastic they reduce the risk of harm as they’re soft and have a lot of flex. If you hit an object they’ll bend and not damage you or your board. Boards with these fins are allowed to be used inside the flags, unlike boards with the hard fins that are considered dangerous to swimmers. These fins match what was most likely the original fins in your softboard. Along with the fins you get the required attachment screws. There are two screws per fin.

The Ocean & Earth Zero Bolt On Fins are plastic so will not corrode or rust. The screws come with a flat screw head. They go through your softboard, inserted into the existing hole. The plastic is good quality with a generous thread so it’s easy to screw in. However you should check screw depth before you insert and start to tighten the screw as if your board is thinner in the tail you can reduce the height of the screw by cutting it. A coin or flat head screwdriver is normally used for tightening. It’s good to have the Zero Bolt Kit on hand in the advent of a mishap while surfing or on holidays. So, you can easily replace the fin and keep surfing. The set includes a legrope holder as part of the pack. Check our range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins

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