Ocean & Earth Toddler Zip Front Sun Suit


Ocean & Earth Toddler Zip Sun Suit. Amazing 50+ UV protection for your kids. Comfy, long sleeve, easy zip entry. Keep your kids warmer protected from the sea breeze while also keeping the sun at bay.

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Ocean & Earth Toddler Zip Front Sun Suit

The Ocean & Earth Toddler Zip Front Sun Suit is a great way to let your younger kids enjoy the beach while still being protected. It’s a great suit made of high quality soft nylon elastine. This material is stronger than Lycra and provides more body. It gives 50+ UV protection and also more protection from the wind. It has flat lock seams that fit flush to the fabric. So there’s much less chance of your toddler getting rash or abrasion from the suit. Seams are strategically placed for fit. For example there arm seams are straight so assist the suit to slide straight on. The suit also features mid length sleeves so in the event of a stinger or other source of discomfort your toddler has good coverage. The elastine is super comfy and with extra body doesn’t sag, so provides good fit.

The Ocean & Earth Toddler Zip Front Suit has a low collar to provide neck protection while also giving freedom of movement to prevent chafing. It’s super easy to get on and off via the large front zip that runs right the way down the suit. Finding beach wear for toddlers can be tricky and you may think your only choice is to use a t-shirt or other outfit. Once wet these can be damp against the skin bringing on a cough, or create a rash. The nylon elastine quick dries so reducing the chance of a chill while maximising comfort. The Ocean & Earth Toddler Suit is a great way to get your kids out enjoying the beach while staying protected. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your family’s surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 cm


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