Ocean & Earth Shark Shield Power Module


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Ocean & Earth Shark Shield Power Module. Scientifically proven shark protection for your surfboard. Check out our range of Surf Accessories Online NOW!

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Ocean & Earth Shark Shield Power Module

The Ocean & Earth Shark Shield Power Module is the power source for O&E’s Shark Shield.  Shark Shield is claimed as the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent. It creates a powerful electrical field so inducing spasms in predatory sharks’ highly sensitive electrical receptors. This discourages the shark from your vicinity. So this safeguards your safety and the safety of the shark.

This component is the power module that goes into the water on the tail of your board under your grip. Removal is easy, for recharge or to move from board to board. The rest of the kit, sold separately, includes a tail pad and antenna decal. This decal is a sticker that sticks to the bottom of your board and transmits the shark deterrent field. It’s only 500 microns thin so is unnoticeable to your board’s performance. The Ocean & Earth Shark Shield Power Module is the latest tech and so preserves your safety and that of the shark. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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