Ocean & Earth Allround Comp 6′ One Piece Leash


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Ocean & Earth Allround Comp 6′ One-XT Leash. Great one piece construction. Heavy duty. 1 yr warranty.




Ocean & Earth Allround Comp 6′ One-XT Leash

The Ocean & Earth Allround Comp 6′ One-XT Leash is top of the line from Ocean and Earth. What sets it apart is it’s one piece construction. There are no joins in the leash, it’s all one piece, so you get maximum strength with no week points. Its 6mm diameter cord makes it extra slim. This cord diameter provides stretch and strength. Its single piece construction features a moulded horn that protrudes from your ankle. Your surfing is unobstructed when you’re taking critical drops and the cord is less likely to be under your feet once on the wave.

Double swivels at both ends keep the leash turning and moving freely so it doesn’t snake or twist up. This is an important feature as it helps prevent the cord from snagging around your fins so your board doesn’t slow down or catch. The ankle cuff has its paddling doubled. So you get extra comfort and no chaffing. If there’s a solid yank on your leg you’ll notice this extra padding providing cushioning. Ocean & Earth recommend this leash for waves up to 6′ in size. The Ocean & Earth Premium 6′ One-XT Leash is constructed from quality components and comes with a 12 month warranty.

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Weight0.49 kg
Dimensions30 x 20 x 10 cm


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