OAM Cadet Tail Pad


OAM Cadet Grip. Smaller 3 piece with medium arch & high kick with patented Animal Grip that gives you an enhanced diamond pattern for charged traction.

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OAM Cadet Tail Pad

The OAM Cadet Tail Pad gives Grom and smaller tail boards hard core traction. It gives you Animal Grip. This is a diamond pattern that’s raised up at just the right height  and angle so as to give your foot maximum traction. No matter what angle your foot lands it will get an edge to leverage against. This is important as when you’re driving big moves you need your foot to always be solidly placed. When you need to move your foot, farther forward to setup for a barrel or side to side for rail surfing, the Animal Grip allows is not too high. So your foot can move easily and not get stuck up.

The Cadet is a 3 piece pad which is one of the most functional designs. The two side pieces can be expanded out towards the rail. So your wide and narrow tail boards will get good coverage.

A raised medium arch bar in the center section gives your foot support. This section also has holes giving your inner foot a non-slip surface. The tail has a generous kick. This gives you a steep piece you can stomp your foot against. When you’re taking a late takeoff there’s no way you’ll miss this kick. It will stop your foot from slipping off. The two side pieces can be expanded out around your deck plug. This allows you to place the pad with the kick directly above the back of your rear fin. In this way you’ll get maximum drive when your foot is placed against the kick.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 10 cm


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