Green Surfboard Fish Grey Green


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Green Surfboard Fish Grey Green

The Green Surfboard Fish Grey Green is a fun retro design with great modern features. The plan shape is like a trad teardrop so it blends into the natural flow of the wave. The fuller nose gives you easy wave catching and easy paddling. Great for small days. The nose tapers to a drawn-out swallow so you get a straighter edge through the tail that gives more drive. In this way in smaller or bigger waves you can still setup good turns driving down the line. Being able to get around foaming or fat sections will give you longer rides, a real plus. The rails are fuller and soft, rounded, so the board is very forgiving. You’ll be able to go for bigger moves with more confidence.

The bottom curve is nice and flat so you get speed. The middle has the slightest hint of concave that helps speed and water flow. The tail has a small vee so you get help in getting the board on an edge for rail turns while not reducing speed.

Construction is of PU foam, polyester resin and fibreglass giving you the complete trad surfing experience. FCS Original fin system in a 5 fin configuration is included so you’ll be able to change and mix and match your fins. Different fins and fin combinations, thruster, twin fin, quad or even 5 fin can be used for different conditions. Small or big days you’ll be able to tune the board to bring out the best of your individual style. The Green Surfboard Fish Grey Green includes a FREE set of genuine FCS fins, and comes in a full range of sizes delivering fun and performance for surfers of all skill levels.


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