Gorilla Ozzie Dyed Tail Pad


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Gorilla Ozzie Dyed Tail Pad

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Gorilla Ozzie Dyed Tail Pad

The Gorilla Ozzie Dyed Tail Pad is one of the signature pads of Ozzie Wright. It is a 1 piece pad so will suit a narrow tail board. The back of the grip has an angular incut so you can place the grip back on your board. With your back foot placed right over your back fin this grip will help you get maximum drive. It incorporates a narrow arch of medium height so you get support while being easy to move your foot around for best placement. The shape naturally directs your foot to the base of the kick where you get the most drive. The Aztec pattern covers the pad. This is a single diamond shape that provides traction so that no matter what angle your foot lands you’ll find grip. Light weight and durability are provided through advanced EVA construction. Tapering at the edge of the pad minimises water drag. The pad features distinctive artwork.

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Dimensions40 × 40 × 10 cm


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