Funkshen Dual EPS Dual Stringer Bodyboard


The Funkshen Dual EPS Dual Stringer Body Board gives you a fast lively ride. The EPS core gives you a lot of float making wave catching easy. Dual carbon stringers give speed and liveliness boosting you in and out of turns

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Funkshen Dual EPS Dual Stringer Bodyboard

The Funkshen Dual EPS Dual Stringer Bodyboard is a great all round mid range board designed to get you progressing. Its EPS foam core gives you extra float. So paddling and wave catching is easy. The more waves you catch the faster you progress. The EPS is fast and light, so you’ll get a lot of speed on the waves making sections.

Being light the EPS core gives you good flex. So as you progress you can carve your board into power turns not skipping out. The float and speed of the EPS helps here too as you won’t bog down or catch in the wave, but be more likely to make your turn.

Dual Carbon Stringers

Flexing of your board in and out of turns is enhanced with two stringers. These are reinforcements inside the body of your board. Featuring carbon they load up energy as you carve your board into a turn then boost you out. The  stringers also help your board return to its natural high speed rocker so you’re maintaining speed.

The deck is a quality cross-link IXL foam so will stand up to wear while giving good traction so you’re not sliding around. An HDPE slick finishes the bottom. This slick gives you high speed and it’s also durable. The board has a crescent tail. This is the classic tail helping you go into and out of big carving turns on the wave face.

The Funkshen Dual EPS Dual Stringer Bodyboard gives you great performance and value. Check our full range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 20 cm


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