FCS II Machado Keel Twin Fin Set


The FCS II Machado Keel TwinFin Set give you the most area in the FCS range for flowing carving surfing. Check our range of FCS Fins Online NOW!

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FCS II Machado Keel Twin Fin Set

The FCS II Machado Keel Twin Fin Set is classic fin design from the master of style Rob Machado. This fin is different than other keels in several aspects so you’ll get unique and advanced performance. It’s got a lot of area, more area than other keel fins and likely the most area of any fin in the FCS range. This gives you a lot of drive. The extra area picks up and directs the wave power. In small fat waves you’ll go faster and further with your turns. As the waves get bigger you have control to do those carving flowing turns Rob is famous for. The other difference to other keel fins is that the fin is quite upright. This gives you more pivot. So instead of being forced down the line tracking, you’ll find it easier to get your board into changes of direction. The base of the fin has a cutaway. This keeps flex so as you push and drive you still have a feeling of responsiveness. You get control and the feeling of being in touch with wave.

Construction is with a timber core so you get a great flex. The timber finish gives a natural aesthetic and consistent load up and recoil. The fin outer is FCS Performance Core, a multi layered resin moulding. This controls the flex pattern to be firmer at the base then giving greater flex at the tip. Note, the FCS II Machado Keel Twin Fin Set is for exclusive use with the FCS II Fin System. So will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. To find out more on how FCS can power your surfing check here: FCS Surf Advantage

Specs are as follows: Side Fins- Height: 5.26″ – Base: 4.61″ – Area: 26.54″


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