ECS Inception Soft Top SUP Stand Up Paddle Board


ECS Inception Soft Top SUP Stand Up Paddle Board. Foam fibreglass construction, Beginner shape, fins, bag, paddle included. Soft deck makes for comfortable laying, getting up on the board. It’s softer in the event of a bump. Check our SUP Gear NOW!

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ECS Inception Soft Top SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

The ECS Inception Soft Top SUP Stand Up Paddle Board is a purpose designed Beginners board. This is a great value board. You get your board, adjustable paddle, fins and padded bag all included. It’s great for Beginners making their first entry into stand up paddling. The board has a soft foam deck and rails. Similar to that on a bodyboard this foam is denser so is comfortable to lay on, get to your knees and get up on your feet. It’s much softer if you get the odd bang or bump than a hard fibreglass board. The design has a wider nose so you get easy paddling and a lot of stability. These two features go together as when you’re stable you can put your best effort into paddling and getting good stroke technique. The outline width carries down the board to just up from the tail. The extra width here gives speed. It provides planning on the water surface. The tail blends into a rounded tucked in square that reduces area making for easy changes of direction and turns.

Proven Construction

Construction of the ECS Inception Soft Top SUP is proven to be durable. It uses a foam core laminated with fibreglass that is pressure sealed in a mould. The result is a good strength to weight ratio. Note, at this great price point it’s not high performance carbon so make sure you use it only in appropriate smaller sized conditions. With foam on the deck the bottom the SUP has a slick similar to a bodyboard so you get speed on the water. A ledge carry handle makes for easy carrying and gives a good grip if you need to grab your board when it’s in the water. A single fin setup is similar to that on a longboard so you can do long classic turns. Check our range of Stand Up Paddle Gear at Manly Surfboards>Stand Up Paddle.


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