Cressi Toa Silicon Snorkel


The Cressi Toa Silicone Snorkel gives you safety and comfort. A super splash guard redirects water away from the snorkel. A generous diameter supplies plenty of air. The purge valve expels any water that enters

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Cressi Toa Silicon Snorkel

The Cressi Toa Silicon Snorkel gives you great confidence and easy breathing. When you’re putting your head underwater focusing on marine life there’s still a lot of splashing going on up above. This can be from wave action, other snorkelers and swimmers. So if these splashes get down your snorkel you could be in trouble as the water could block your snorkel or breathing. The Cressi Toa is specifically designed to address this. So among Cressi snorkels it’s described as a semi-dry snorkel as it keeps the snorkel airway clear making sure you can always breathe with confidence.

The diameter of the Cressi Toa Silicon Snorkel is generous so you’re always getting all the air you need. The snorkel is also contoured with the entry angled away so as to reduce the chance of water entry. The top of the snorkel features a purpose designed splash guard. So any water entry from splashes that otherwise would enter is further prevented. If water does enter the Cressi Toa Snorkel there’s a lower catchment and purge valve where the water is captured. With a sharp breath the valve opens and the water is expelled. The valve response prevents water from re-entering.  Of the Cressi snorkels range this is a great accessory to give you great confidence and safety for your snorkeling and swimming. Check our full range of Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Swim

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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