Cressi Adult Thunder Premium Silicon Goggles


The Cressi Thunder Premium Silicon Goggles make you look super tech with advanced materials and features. Super soft effective TPR seal for comfy wearing with streamlined flow to boost your swimming performance.


Cressi Adult Thunder Premium Silicon Goggles

The Cressi Adult Thunder Premium Silicon Goggles give you advanced patented technology and a European pedigree for great swimming. With a new high tech look and coming from Italy these goggles have the technology to give you the edge, taking your swimming to the next level. They feature advanced materials including TPR, Thermplastic rubber.

This is used around your eyes so you get a super soft and super effective seal. The streamlined design has the lenses inclined at 18 degrees following your natural facial profile. So you get enhanced fit, none of the goggle obscures your field of view, and your flow through the water is smoother. The lenses are super clear so you get great vision. Shatterproof and scratchproof they’ll last.

Best Fit

100% UV protection and an anti-fogging treatment is incorporated into the construction so you don’t have to worry about misting up or degrading from the sun. A key feature of the Thunder Premium Silicon Goggles is the flex nose bridge. So the goggles mould to your exact facial profile. The Cressi Thunder Premium Silicon Goggles are made for comfort and long swims.

Silicon double straps allow you to adjust position higher and lower on your head. To ensure the absolutely best fit possible there’s a micrometric buckle system. This gives you micro adjustment as well as safety so they don’t fall off. This buckle system works so well it’s patented.

These goggles are great for your outdoor ocean and indoor swimming and look extremely high tech. Check our full range of Dive and Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Dive and Swim

  • TPR, Thermplastic rubber gives super effective seal
  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti-fogging treatment
  • Patented Micro-buckles gives great fit

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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