Caban Stripe Towel


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Caban Stripe Towel. Comfy towel easy to fit in your bag, backpack or hand. Soaks up water. Gym style too. Check our Surf & Beach Accessories Online NOW!

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Caban Stripe Towel

The Caban Stripe Towel is a comfy and easy to carry towel great for the beach. It’s a smaller size so easily fits in a backpack, in your board bag or in your hand. You can throw it into your kit whenever needed. It makes a great seat for the beach so you don’t get sandy. For a dry off the rich pile soaks up water so you’ll dry quick. The Caban Stripe Towel is great for the beach. It’s versatile and simply stylish so you can use it for the gym and other activities too. Come and check the full range of accessories and dedicated beach and surf gear at Manly Surfboards. You’ll find something for every aspect of your beach and surf lifestyle. Surfboards, long and short. Bodyboards and stand up boards, there’s something for every type of watersport. We’ve got all the accessories you need like legropes, grip, fins, wax. And lots of cool innovate products so your beach time will be fantastic!

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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