Billabong Summerside Point Break Rash Vest


The Billabong Summerside PointBreak Rash Vest gives you 50+ UV protection along with stylish front zip. Poly elastine gives great stretch and with short sleeves maximises your paddling and swimming performance

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Billabong Summerside Point Break Rash Vest

The Billabong Summerside Point Break Rash Vest gives you great sun protection with functional style. The rash vest features 50+ UPF protection so you’re staying safe out in the sun. It has a snug fit. So ideal for surfing where you don’t want your top ballooning out as you duck dive through each wave.

The recyled poly elastine fabric gives great flexibility so there’s plenty of freedom of movement for high performance surf moves. The shirt has short sleeves along with a raglan cut adding to your freedom of arm movement for high performance paddling and swimming.

The rash vest length drops to just around the middle of your hips. So it’s designed to not ride up like a muffin top and you get coverage over the top of your boardshorts. A nice feature is the front neck zip. This can be up for maximum protection from the sun, wind and elements, or open for a cool relaxed look.

The colour is a strong sporty mid blue with patterened sleeves. So you get a great look for your water activities. Check our full range of Womens Rash Vests at Manly Surfboards>Rash Vests

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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