Billabong Girls Kicks Thong


The Billabong Girls Kicks Thong gives your kids a lightweight comfy way to get around the beach. Great pastel colours are ideal for summer. Moulded straps give extra comfort and durability.

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Billabong Girls Kicks Thong

The Billabong Girls Kicks Thong gives your kids a great way to get around. They’re the classic footwear to cope with beach sun and sand, the odd splash, while still getting  protection from sharp rocks, shells and other dangers. The base is a generous rubber-style foam so your kids get a soft step and comfort, along with durability.

The straps provide additional style, moulded in the appearance of twine adding a point of difference. On the underside the straps are soft and smooth against the skin. Unlike traditional thongs the straps are moulded as part of the base. So there’s no plug to pull out and this enables them to be wider at the connection point adding durability and long wear.

While giving a great free feel and freedom of movement, the moulded straps give a snugger feel than traditional thongs. The don’t flap around or feel like they’ll slip off.

Coming in a range of pastel colours they’re ideal for summer. You could even get a few pairs giving your kids a choice of footwear for different outfits. The base top features a raised pattern so your foot gets a comfy feel and traction. The heel location features the Billabong logo.

Lighweight, yet protective, with a feeling of freedom these are great summer footwear for your kids. Check our full range of Footwear at : Manly Surfboards>Footwear

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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