Billabong Arch Towel


The Billabong Arch Towel gives you 100% cotton comfort, quick dry velour finish and generous size. Ideal to laze on at the beach or dry off after your surf.

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Billabong Arch Towel

The Billabong Waves Towel gives you great beach and surf time. You get a super stylish dry off along with a great way to relax in comfort. It’s ideal to soak up the wet, to lay on the sand, and roll up as a cushion or headrest. Construction is of 100% cotton velour. So the cotton is super absorbent, better than artificial threads that simply move the water around.

The velour finish makes the cotton super soft and plush, as well as being more absorbent. Whether it’s rubbing over your body or laying on the sand or beach chair the material is super comfy.

Fast Dry Hanger Loop

The Billabong Waves Towel features several prints from the Trad logo to a tropical theme. So they’re great bold beach colours.  A key feature is the included hanger loop so you can hang your towel up on a hook.  This can be in your bathroom, behind a door, or off your car door hook. So you don’t need a wide flat space to lay it to dry super fast.

If you’re travelling a towel is handy to have for your dry off. It can also be used inside your board bag and so protect your board nose, tail and fins, not taking up any extra space. The measurements are a generous 160cm x 80cm so you get great coverage. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

Billabong Waves Towel features:

  • 100% cotton really soaks up the wet.
  • Velour finish is super soft, plush and comfy. Ideal for laying on or over a chair
  • Hanger loop gives handy fast drying options
  • Size is a generous 160cm x 80cm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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