Billabong 32 Salty Dayz Full Wetsuit


The Billabong 32 Salty Dayz Wetsuit gives you great warmth and graphene tech performance. This suit uses traditional neoprene adding insulation further enhanced by GBS sealing and machine taping so you stay super warm

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Billabong 32 Salty Dayz Full Wetsuit

The Billabong 32 Salty Dayz Full Wetsuit gives you great warmth for fun surfing on those cold days. 20% additional stretch enhances the neoprene construction. So you get great paddling, wave catching, and flex for big moves.

The interior uses Billabong’s Graphene Recycler with silicon so you get warm fast and stay warm, and your suit slides on. There’s a chest zip so you get easy entry and exit, along with flexibility through the body.

GBS means the seams are glued and blind stitched. Glued together, no water can get in. Blind stitching is flat so is super comfy, not rubbing against your skin. Internal machine taping provides an additional barrier to water entry making your suit super warm.

The outer stitching is robust giving durability. Construction includes recycled foam. So you’re providing an eco benefit. Well constructed the suit gives you long-term high performance surfing. Check our full range of  Womens Wetsuits at : Manly Surfboards>Womens Wetsuits

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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