Reeflex Lilly Ocean Ladies Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm


Reeflex Lilly Ocean Ladies Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm. Chest zip. Super sealed, plush lining, extra warm. Check our range of Ladies wetsuits NOW!

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Reeflex Lilly Ocean Ladies Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm

The Reeflex Lilly Ocean Ladies Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm long sleeve gives you extra warmth in a robust package. It features quality Japanese 4-3mm neoprene which is noticeably smooth and soft to the touch.  The extra thickness of the neoprene makes a big difference keeping you extra warm.  While only a little less easy to paddle in, it provides a lot more warmth. Also you get the psychological benefit of knowing that no matter how cold it is outside or may be in the water, you’ll be warm as soon as you put your suit on. The internal body has a smooth internal plush Lunar Layer that further greatly increases your heat retention. GBS glued blind stitching and tape help retain internal heat and prevent cold water penetration by sealing the seams. The external seams are also sealed with liquid tape. This is important as once the first small amount of water enters it gets trapped in your suit and warmed by your body. Any time you get dumped again the sealing prevents any new cold water sloshing in. So overall you get great warmth. A chest zip provides super easy entry and exit while keeping water entry to a minimal. It gives you the best balance between easy entry and exit while also limiting water entry. A Glide Skin neck provides smooth comfort while keeping a snug fit preventing water flushing. The neoprene is limestone based, providing an eco benefit. So you’re also helping the environment with this suit. The Reeflex Lilly Ocean Wetsuit Steamer 3-2mm comes with a key string and 12 month warranty. Check our range of Womens Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Womens Wetsuits


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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