Balin Tour Longboard Cover


Balin Tour Longboard Cover. Plush lining gives extra care of your board. Fin boot or external pocket on models. Check our Surfboard Accessories Online NOW!

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Balin Tour Longboard Cover

The Balin Tour Longboard Cover is a great boardbag if your love your longboard. What sets it apart from other covers it that it’s plush lined. So you get a number of benefits. Plush makes it super easy to slide your board into your cover either wet or dry. With a big board, getting it started into your bag can be a hassle requiring you to stop, put the board down and jiggle it in. The Tour lets your board slide easily. The plush lining also provides more protection as the pile helps absorb hits and bumps. This is in addition to the padding. The Tour is a robust, heavy duty cover. The foam padding is 5mm on both top and bottom. The outer material is a long wearing heat reflective tarpee. There’s 600D polyster used on the deck. To further reduce heat a double vent system is used. This is important as excess heat can cause your board to bubble. A cool feature included in the 8-10′ models only is the popup boot for your fin. It acts like a cover so your fin won’t get scrapes or cause scrapes, for example in your car. In the 7-7’6 models only there’s an external gear pocket so you can stow you wetsuit, leash, wax, whatever’s needed. The Balin Tour Longboard Cover will fit your longboard up to 23″ in width.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm


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