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Manly Surfboards SUPERBrand Demo Day 24th Sept

Manly Surfboards SUPERBrand Demo Day

Want to find yourself the best board?

Come down to Manly Surfboards for the SUPERBrand Demo Day.

On Sunday 24th September 2pm – 6pm the best of the world’s latest shortboard designs will be on hand for you to surf.

SUPERBrand is a Californian shapers cooperative where many world-best shapers and surfers collaborate, refining the best of the best designs. The result? Exceptional surfboards.

Experience super speed, high performance, superior wave catching, and great surfing fun. Try a SUPERBrand.

Manly Surfboards SUPERBrand Demo Day All Surfboards
Try an exceptional SUPERBrand board
Manly Surfboards SUPERBrand Demo Day Surf Fun
Surfing local or travelling there’s a perfect SUPERBrand board for you

Manly Surfboards SUPERBrand Demo Day Surf Travel

Come down and get your hands on one!

Here’s a few iconic SUPERBrand boards.

Summer Groveller needed? The Fling is a wide tail speed machine. It turns small waves into speedways! Replace your fish with this next-gen design.

Charging daily is what’s needed to impress your mates and local crew. Want to consistently turn on the magic? Try the SUPERBrand Magic Mix! It’s just what it says. A mix of their latest contemporary designs that delivers the best of them all. Performance surfing, progressive surfing, straight out charging- you’ll be untouchable.

Manly Surfboards SUPERBrand Demo Day Fling MagicMix PigDog Surfboards

SUPERBrand Shapers Collective

Need a StepUp or travelling? The PigDog, counter to its name, is a beauty of a rounded pin. It’s the classic StepUp ideal for big, bigger and biggest days. It does such a good job SUPERBrand say you can replace 3 boards in your quiver with this one. The ideal traveller. And it’s versatile. It’s lines are so clean it works in everyday waves too.

There’s heaps more boards for you!

Trying SUPERBrand makes sense. You get the refined excellence of board design from Australia, Hawaii, USA, Japan, Thailand, Mexico and Brazil. In fun surf at Manly.

Manly Surfboards SUPERBrand Demo Day 24th Sept

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