Z Flex Banana Train Surfskate Fish


The Z Flex Banana Surfskate Fish gives you more flex for tighter turns with fun tropic bamboo layup and artwork. Waterborne trucks give you surf-skate feel

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Z Flex Banana Train Surfskate Fish

The Z Flex Banana Train Surfskate Fish gives you surf-style carving with more flex. There’s a 7 layer deck layup with 2 bamboo cosmetic veneers so you get flex going into turns and pop coming out. You can weight down and feel the boost as you come out of your turns.

The 63mm 83A Z-SMOOTH wheels are narrow. So without weight on them you’ll also get your tail slide going. The Waterborne Surfskate Adapter gives you shorter arc turns and smooth transitions with good pump response. So you get the surf-style feel.

The bamboo veneer, artwork and banana yellow dip is a representation of the Mystery Ride that was at the end of the iconic Pacific Ocean Pier. So the look conjures up pacific island tikis and culture. The deck is  31″ by 9 3/4″ at the widest point tapering into a swallow tail.

The hardware sits on 14mm Z-Flex risers so you won’t get bite no matter how hard you jam on the rail. Spray-on grip finishes the board. Check our full range of Skate gear at Manly Surfboards>Skate

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