TLS Tanker 10′ Ankle Leash


TLS Tanker 10′ Leg Rope. Longer length is great for longboard or SUP. 7mm diameter reduces bulk, twisting and tangling. Check our Surf Accessories NOW!

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TLS Tanker 10′ Leash

The TLS Tanker 10′ Leash is good value for bigger waves or your SUP. TLS has taken their no nonsense approach of making super functional gear and upscaled it for this longer length. With this leash you get a whole 10′, 3m distance between you and your board. This is good for big surf equipment as the distance means extra safety. So the chance of you and your board connecting in a wipeout is reduced. The strength of the leash is still only moderate. The cord diameter is 7mm. So this leash is not super thick. It’s not designed for very heavy boards or waves.

This diameter is a great size to give you a feeling of high performance for your bigger board. Just like shortboards have Comp leashes that are a thinner diameter, this leash’s 7mm diameter is much thinner than what you normally use on your SUP or longboard. The 10′ length is what gives you your longboard and SUP specific features, keeping the board farther away from you when you wipeout. The 7mm diameters is also less likely to twist and tangle up. Incorporated at either end are stainless steel swivels. They’re heavy duty, unbreakable. The cuff is solid and generous so helps dissipate wave tug over a larger area. The leash comes with double strings giving you a backup.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm


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