TLS Fish Surfboard Board Grip


The TLS Fish surfboard board Grip gives you 10 pieces for super traction on your wide tail or longer board. A new line pattern gives squishy grip and makes it easy to move your foot to setup barrels and big moves

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TLS Fish Surfboard Board Grip

The TLS Fish Surfboard Board Grip is a super versatile piece of traction. It consists of 10 pieces so you can cover very wide tail and Fish boards, through to narrow tails. You can even use it on a SUP. The core 4 pieces are like standard grip. They can be contracted or expanded to cover narrow and wide tail boards. The shape of the back of the grip narrows so will fit very narrow pin tail boards. Note though that there’s no kick and that’s why it’s able to get this narrowness. In addition to these core pieces there’s another 4 side pieces for the grip sides. These can be added and expanded out to give you traction toward the rails. These pieces make a squarer shape so you get good coverage across your wide Fish tail.

Finally 2 additional pieces are available to extend the grip at the front making it longer, turning it into generous traction.

Line Grip Pattern

Another feature of the TLS Fish Surfboard Board Grip is instead of the usual chunky grip pattern TLS gives you a finer horizontal stripe that covers the entire pad. This finer stripe is squishy like corduroy that your toes can really grip into. The stripes run horizontally across the pad so that as your foot lands it has the horizontal angle to leverage against. There’s no arch bar on the pad so you can super easily move your foot around the grip to help with rail to rail moves. This flatness is also great for walking forward setting up for a barrel. Overall this grip is great for a longerboard where you aren’t needing a kick to jam turns from. Rather you’ll have good traction for longer drawn out moves. Top quality adhesive is used to keep the TLS Fish Grip stuck to your board. Check our full range of Surfboard Grip at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grip

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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