TLS DB3 Tail Pad


TLS DB3 Tail Grip. Low arch helps foot movement. Kick Air Contact gives traction for progressive moves. Check our Surfboards & Accessories NOW!

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TLS DB3 Tail Pad

The TLS DB3 Tail Pad has an unusual layout. It has a 3 piece design that is normally easy to expand to give you optimal coverage. However it has a cross shaped centre piece. So the side pieces can’t be angled out but will have to be moved straight out if you want extra coverage on your board. The pad is relatively wide already so it gives you good coverage.

If you do expand this cross feature it means your tail will need to be very wide, so worth a check first. The DB3 incorporates a centre arch of low height at 5mm. So it’s easy to move your foot around, moving forward for the barrel, back for heavy takeoffs, or side to side for heel and toe surfing.

Kick & Air Contact

The kick is 27mm high so your foot can jam against it and drive. The top of the kick has a flat section that TLS call the ‘Air Contact’. This allows your foot to get grip even when landing airs. The incut at the tail means you can place this grip closer to the end of your board.

Ideal placement is with the kick placed toward the back of your rear fin. With your back foot placed on your grip right over your back fin you’ll get maximum drive. A square Mt Fuji pattern of small multi level squares provides a traction surface. So no matter which way your foot lands the squares are at an angle to give you grip.

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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