Sunbum Sonny Skipper


The Sunbum Sonny Skipper gives you a soft ball that rebounds off the water at high speed for crazy action. Ball is soft so won’t hit hard

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Sunbum Sonny Skipper

The Sunbum Sonny Skipper gives you a great way to have fun, especially at the beach. It’s a special shaped ball, with an off-circular shape ball. So it’s designed to bounce and skip on the water. Any energy you put in will rebound even more.

The ball floats, so as you throw it around it creates lively action-packed exchanges. Sometimes landing where you expect. At others shooting off at crazy angles.

With neoprene construction it’s soft, squashable. It’s not hard so won’t bang or break anything or anyone. Even with an odd miss-throw or failed catch it gives a soft bounce.

It has shape and form to hold in your hand and throw. When squeezed down it will spring back into shape. In the water it deforms as it hits the surface then springs back to normal shape.

It’s great colours and fun logo follow Sunbum’s theme. You get the gorilla head on the backdrop of pastel sand. The colour conjours up the feeling of summer and the logo is all fun.

If you’re looking for another beach activity for all ages throwing this ball around is perfect. It will easily fit in your back bag and doesn’t add any weight. You can also use it at the park, or even indoors. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories


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