Sun Bum Bumbrella


The Sun Bum Bumbrella gives you 50+ UPF sun protection with great beach colour & fun artwork. Lightweight and strong it sets up like a normal umbrella

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Sun Bum Bumbrella

The Sun Bum Bumbrella is a great umbrella to give you fun time and protection at the beach. The fun name indicates the fun nature of the artwork used. So its main feature is an outline of gorilla head wearing dark sunglasses against a background of pastel beach sand yellow.

The UPF 50+ rating of the umbrella’s fabric means you get great protection. So in its shade the impact of the sun’s rays is greatly reduced. You get a cool oasis in the midst of the expanses of white sand, or wherever you decide to place your Bumbrella.

The umbrella works like a normal beach umbrella with the center pole and slide. So you push the slide along the pole and the umbrella opens or closes. The pole and extending arms are all lightweight yet strong. So carrying to the beach in the included bag is easy.

This is a great way to have protection at the beach while also bringing with you a fun vibe. Just the look of the umbrella will make you want to have a blast. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 20 cm


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