Speedo Thinswim Womens Steamer 1mm


Speedo Thinswim Womens Steamer 1mm. Ultra stretch fit, easy paddling, smoothie warmth, hydrodynamic swimming. Check our range of Womens wetsuits Online NOW!


Speedo Thinswim Womens Steamer 1mm

The Speedo Thinswim Womens Steamer 1mm is a fantastic versatile suit for all your water sport needs. Purpose built for swimming and triathlons it gives you unmatched performance. It’s ultra thin and flexi neoprene will hug your shape. So you get maximum benefit from a good fit helping retain your body heat in the water. The rubber is also smoothie, smooth finish on all main panels except the underarms. The smoothie neoprene reflects the wind, providing extra protection from the elements. It’s also hydrophobic so that the suit doesn’t soak water so you get extra buoyancy in the water, helping your swimming performance. You also stay extra warm with reduced windchill. Wearing a suit this thin for swimming is almost unnoticeable. However this type of suit will provide protection from stingers or other unwanted marine pests. Construction is high quality. The back zip is no-corrode tough plastic and free running. The back zip provides the easiest of all entry and exits for your suit so you can do fast changes necessary in competition. The stitching is flatlock so reducing your chance of any chafing. This stitching is also very robust giving you durability. The suit seals with a velcro adjustment ensuring a great fit on your neck. Not only for training, the Speedo Thinswim Womens Steamer 1mm can also be used for your surfing. With extra light weight and great flex you’ll get high performance paddling. Once on the wave the freedom of the suit will help you do explosive power moves. This is a great versatile surf and watersport suit. Check our Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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