Liive The Edge Sunglasses


The Liive The Edge Sunglasses give you a curved lens with stylish thinner arms & lightweight. The frame is lightweight giving you easy wearing with cool surf style. The curved lens provides great protection from the sun

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LiiveThe Edge Sunglasses

The Liive The Edge Sunglasses give you a curvier rounder look in a surf style. From the front the lenses are more rounded than a lot of surf sunnies. The top bridge has a flowing curve and the bottom edge of the lenses is quite rounded. So you get a softer look. The frame is a little thinner so you get a sense of style without the overly-sporty look.

The lenses are generous and their curve at the corners follows your facial contours. So you get greate protection from the sun’s rays. Even with this curve the lenses are optically correct. This means special high quality material is used so as to give you vision without distortion. So from checking the surf to reading, these sunglasses will give you a true view of the world.

Australian Standards rate the lenses as Category 3. This means that these sunnies give you – “a high level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.”

Light Weight

Another key feature of the Liive The Edge Sunglasses is their lightweight. If you wear your sunnies a lot you’ll appreciate this.

They’re super comfortable and very easy wearing. Checking the surf, going for long drives or transitioning from the beach to a social function you’ll get great sun protection and a cool sophisticated look. The polycarbonate frame gives you light weight and super durability. Check our full range of sunglasses at Manly Surfboards>Eyewear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


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