ION Wetsuit BS Muse Hot Shorty LS 2 NZ DL


ION Wetsuit BS Muse Hot Shorty LS NZ DL. You get quality 2mm neoprene. Short legs offering maximum freedom. Long arms for warmth and protection. Flat lock comfort. Chic cut and style.

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ION Wetsuit BS Muse Hot Shorty LS 2 NZ DL

The ION Wetsuit BS Muse Hot Shorty LS 2 NZ DL is a high cut long sleeve springsuit. It’s got zipless entry, no zip, so provides the most flexibility and ease of any paddling of any Womens Wetsuit style. You enter and exit the suit by pulling open the shoulder and stepping into the suit. When you pull the suit on the neoprene comes up to fit super snug. When you’re paddling the absence of a zip is noticeable. You have much more effective paddling. With each stroke you go farther, faster with less fatigue. So when surfing you get out the back faster, and catch waves more easily. The 2mm neoprene is soft, supple so you get great comfort. ION’s neoprene is noticeably higher quality than other wetsuits. This gives you a better fit that equates to more effective support and warmth in the water.

Freedom & Protection

The ION BS Muse Hot Shorty LS 2 NZ DL gives you maximum flexibility, freedom and performance. There’s long sleeves so you get protection from the sun, wind and other elements as needed. Long sleeves also offer protection on your upper body from ocean stingers. There’s short legs so you great freedom of movement. Compared to a bikini or boardshorts you get added comfort and protection for long hours sitting on your surfboard. Additional features include flat-lock stitching for maximum comfort.  This is stitching that fits flush with the neoprene so it doesn’t rise up and rash you. The ION BS Muse Hot Shorty LS NZ DL is a great Womens Wetsuit. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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